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Since my freshman year, I have been involved Her Campus Mizzou, first as the Feature’s Editor in Spring 2017, and later the campus correspondent and editor-in-chief in Fall 2018.

As campus correspondent, I organize meetings, approve new staffers, and help coordinate the social media director and feature’s editor.

As part of my role as editor, I created 5-6 pitches per week and assigned them to the writers in our chapter. I also authorized or declined pitches I had not mentioned myself.

This role has been so beneficial for me. This was the first organization I joined in college, and I’ve grown to love it and have enjoyed seeing it grow and change over the years I’ve been in it. Her Campus allows women just starting out in journalism to not only get clips but write about whatever they want. It allows them to hone their skills in writing articles they’re passionate about while they learn how to report and write long-form pieces in their journalism classes.

Before I was an editor, I wrote weekly articles on a wide range of topics, and writing for Her Campus gave me an outlet to write about beauty, pop culture and trending politics when I was learning the basics in my classes. Even now, I will occasionally write about topics I cannot write about anywhere else.

Here are some of my favorite articles I’ve written:
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